Your Boxing Yard membership provides more than just fitness and conditioning. Through our guidance and old-school fundamentals, you will receive top-notch training from a professional while having access to the mental and emotional support necessary to keep you motivated. At our downtown location we are constantly working to improve your experience. Convenient payment options are available that allow you to take full advantage of your membership.

Do you just want to drop-in from time to time? Join us in a class for just $10!

Contact us today at 904-982-5063 to learn more about our membership options.

per month
12-Month Contract
Beginners to Advanced
Unlimited Classes
Ages 18 and Up
Month to Month: $150
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Personal Training
per month
One-on-One Training
4 Sessions
Ages 18 and Up
Beginners to Advanced
8 Sessions: $399
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Drop-in Classes
per class
Boxing Fundamentals
Punching Techniques
Footwork & Defensive Techniques
Ages 18 and Up
No Contract
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