Self-Defense, Sparring &Technique

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Regain a sense of power and boost your confidence in everyday life. We will teach you the fundamentals of becoming fearless. This includes footwork and punching as well as blocking and other evasive techniques.

What to Expect

In addition to the physical benefits of boxing, such as  increasing stamina and agility, there are important mental benefits as well. We will motivate, support, and train you in a fun and engaging way while continuously pushing you past your comfort zone. The confidence you build over time will show up in all areas of your life, whether at work, in your community, or with family and friends. People will notice an undeniable swagger about you.

Benefits of our self-defense classes include heightened awareness of your surroundings, better responsiveness, increased physical toughness, and improved resilience and recovery. If you’re ready to become fearless, contact us today to get started.

Self-Defense Training Schedule

Monday to Thursday: 6-7 PM Boxing Training

Friday: CLOSED
Saturday: 9-10 AM Boxing Training
Sunday: CLOSED